November 4, 2010

A Simple Kind of Soap--> Unscented, Uncoloured

A Purist's Dream
  I've have been getting many requests from customers with extremely sensitive skin looking for a great all around bar of soap that can be used on their delicate skin without causing an uncomfortable dry, itchy reaction.  I immediately got to work creating this soap using 100% olive oil. This bar is scentless, colourless, lathers beautifully and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. But then again all handmade cold process soap leaves you feeling soft because of it's natural glycerin content.
  When commercial soaps are made the moisturizing glycerin is extracted and sold to other company's to add to lotions and creams leaving you with a drying bar of soap. Once you try handmade soap you will never buy a commercially made bar ever again, it's that good and your skin will thank you.

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