September 1, 2010


Its has been over a month since my last post and a lot has happened good and bad in business and family. I was accepted to have a booth to sell my handmade soaps at St. Jacob's market out in Waterloo, Ontario. I had a date set in August to go out there bright and early. I spent a month preparing, making and wrapping soaps but about a week before I was set to go I received the devastating news that my mother had been diagnosed with cancer one week before her 50th birthday. My focus went from soaps to family and that is where it has been the last month.
  I am still planning to go out to St. Jacob's one last time this year, and bringing along my limited fall soap. Introducing... ........Pumpkin Pie spiced soap made with real pumpkin! Pumpkin does wonder for the skin. It is full of nutrients and anti-oxidants that allow your skin to achieve a healthy glow. Best thing about Soulful Soap's Pumpkin Pie Spiced soap is that its calorie and fat free!