June 28, 2010


During the hot southern Ontario summer weather, my favorite scent is anything fruity, citrus or tropical. My all time favorite scent is lime and coconut. It reminds me of lounging on the beach listening to the surf and smelling the salty sea air. Although there are no oceans in Ontario, lime and coconut bring me there! While on vacation my favorite sea side drink is a Piña Colada, the perfect blend of tropical coconut and fruity pineapple and rum. In honor of the summer season, the Piña Colada cupcake soap was born and taking the summer season by storm!

June 23, 2010

What's New?!

   As many of our soaps are getting to their 4 week curing mark, they are getting all packaged, labeled and ready to be shipped out. Our number one selling (and smelling!) soap is our comforting Warm Vanilla Oatmeal. This wonderful scent is the perfect blend of vanilla, coconut and a hint of sandalwood. You can also find skin soothing oatmeal throughout this bar.

Here at Soulful Soap we also take special orders for scents or essential oil blends that we do not normally keep in stock. A client recently contacted us with a request for soap that smells just like the rose bush in her backyard. We whipped up a batch of rose petal scented Shea butter soap that is now on the curing racks waiting for her to enjoy. Thanks Denise!

  Once the Soulful Soap website is online there will be a section available to you for special orders with a list of fragrance oils and essential oils that we are able to create soap with. You are also able to email any special requested regarding scents or wholesale to vanessa@soulfulsoap.ca

June 22, 2010


Welcome to the blog of Soulful Soap. This is the place where you will see what new healing or delicious soaps are being made in the southern Ontario neck of the woods.
A lot of people ask me why I got into making my own soap when it is a very assessable and relatively cheap item to purchase. About a year ago I started experiencing irritated dry skin. This new skin aliment happened after moving into a new house in a new city as well as starting a new job. Trying to make the connection as to why I constantly had dry itchy skin (pruritus) I started to read ingredient labels on everything I bought and already had floating around the house. I found that more than 75% of ingredients listed were all man made chemicals that I had no idea how they were created nor what was used to create them. I decided right on the spot that I was going to start living as natural as possible and even more green then before. I started doing research right away on soap making and the rest was history, including my itchy skin. I'm proud to say that we make all natural soap with an ingredient list that you can pronounce.

This blog will be a resource for all natural products available at Soulful Soap, green living and everyday life around here on our little piece of country in the Big Steel City.