January 20, 2012

Limited Edition Spring Soap.... CANADIAN MAPLE

Every spring in cold climates when the snow starts the melt a variety of maple trees convert starch that is stored in their trunks and roots to sugar! This sugar rises with the sap in the spring that is then collected from the trees and boiled down to wonderful sweet MAPLE SYRUP.  Maple syrup was first discovered by the aboriginal people well before the Europeans settled into North America. Thank You!

Every March I look forward to maple syrup month here in Ontario. There are lots of little festivals that celebrate the goodness that nature has to offer in the form of pancakes and maple syrup!

In honor of the Canadian Maple Tree, Soulful Soap has created a limited edition soap! Introducing  


 available in the shop January 30th


  1. Wow! I never would have guessed that by looking at it! That is going to be one awesome soap!

    1. It turned out darker that I would have liked but still smells so so yummy!!